Floating Greeters

NOTE: Please check in with the Eucharistic Minister coordinator and be at one of the church entry doors at least 15 minutes before Mass. Please wear your name tags and greet people as they come in. If there is no one to hand out worship aids, please ask a child or someone you know to help with that specific ministry. After Mass, one greeter should be in the gathering area and one in the social room to answer questions/provide information.

Jan - March 2014 schedule (PDF)

Upcoming Schedule

Sat, Apr 19 - 9.00pm
Sign up on the Bulletin Board

Sun, Apr 20 -
8&10AM&Noon Sign Up on the Gathering Bulletin Board

Sat, Apr 26 - 5.30pm
MJ Kelley & Kay Mitro

Sun, Apr 27 - 9.00am
Craig & Linda Brooks

Sun, Apr 27 - 11.00am
Rob & JoAnn Green

Sat, May 3 - 5.30pm
E. Ambrose & Pat Kenosh

Mass Times

Sat.: - 5:30pm
Sun.: - 9:00am & 11:00am
Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri.:

Masstimes.org is a free ministry to traveling Catholics sponsored by Pauline Books and Media, and the Catholic Communication Campaign of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.To find the time and location of mass near your travel destination, visit the web site at www.masstimes.org, or call 410-676-6000.