Funeral Servers

funeralServersThis ministry is open to adults who are available in the morning during the week.  Funeral Servers act as greeters to welcome mourners, they set up for the liturgy, assist the priest at the altar during the funeral mass, and clean up following the liturgy. Volunteers are contacted by e-mail as soon as a funeral mass is scheduled with an invitation to participate.  The first two volunteers to respond in the affirmative are chosen to serve.

Interested adults may contact the Parish Office at (440) 248-0980.

Funeral Luncheons Volunteers Needed

Pick up tablecloths from the parish, pretreat if necessary, wash, remove from dryer, fold or hang on a hanger provided, and return to the parish center.Requires lifting 30# laundry bags.  3 hours 1 to 2 times per month.


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