Worship Commission

worshipCommissionThe Worship Commission is composed of members of the Church of the Resurrection of various ages and backgrounds in addition to the parish priest and the Director of Pastoral Music. The commission is primarily a consultative body, whose purpose is to promote good liturgy by reflecting in an ongoing way on the liturgical life of the parish with the Pastoral Team and by the sharing of ideas with them.  The commission currently meets quarterly, in advance of 1) Avent/Christmas, 2) the January formation event for liturgical ministers, 3) Lent/Easter, and 4) for assessment of the liturgical program following the Easter Season.  Meetings are generally held on a Thursday. Inspired by the mission statement and core values of the parish, the commission will specifically attend to the following objectives:

1. To focus on ways to enable the liturgy to extend a welcome to all persons, with special attention given to the excluded, the marginalized, the forgotten, and the alienated

2. To foster a more full and active participation of the entire assembly in the worship of this community through ongoing education and creative liturgical planning

3. To continue and strengthen our support of charitable works and to become advocates for justice in society and the church

4. To provide for further formation and education of liturgical ministers on a regular basis

5. To develop vehicles for gathering feedback from parish members with regard to the liturgical life of the parish.

6. To insure that the environment for worship is well cared for and creatively and effectively used.

Persons interested in serving on this commission may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the commission's chairperson, Conrad Gromada.

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